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Functions of Quality Department in Apparel Industry

Functions of the Quality Department in the Apparel Industry

Quality is a complex concept. No single definition addresses all the dimensions, areas of impact, and concerns related to quality. The term itself is used for many reasons. Each use reflects a different perspective based on philosophy, economics, consumer behavior, production, etc. The quality department in the apparel industry plays a vital role in selling products for handsome prizes. It also influences buyers to buy the apparel. The quality assurance department is assigned to maintain consistently uniform quality of material in process and various stages of garment manufacturing. In this article, we explain the Functions of the Quality Department in the Apparel Industry.

There are many ways quality can be defined-
  • “The totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy a given need” British standard
  • “Quality is the totality of features & characteristics of a product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied  needs”- lS0

In short, we can define quality from a different perspective

  • Quality is customer satisfaction.
  • Quality means fitness for use.
  • Quality is conformance to specified requirements.
  • Quality means the guarantee of confident
  • Quality is efficiency & productivity.
  • The quality department ensures the best quality for each department of the RMG factory.
Functions of the Quality Department in the Apparel Industry

Functions of the Quality Department in the Apparel Industry: Details are in the following-

Store quality:
Confirm that all the required fabric & accessories are being in-house at the time- Check the fabric construction according to the buyer’s requirement. Check the fabric quality at approval with the approved with the approval swatch. Now submit the inventory report.

Cutting quality:
Check the fabric inspection (4-point system) & shrinkage report before laying the fabric Also check the pattern shape & measurement. Then check the ratio, size & color to avoid less qty/size shortage at the last moment. Ensure the numbering for cut pcs & bundle & check again the measurement of the cut pcs before sending it to the sewing section.

Details process in following-

  • Fabric inspection.
  • Shrinkage ratio calculation.
  • Spreading quality control.
  • Cut number check
  • Ply height.
  • Table marking.
  • Marker placing.
  • Tension.
  • Counts.
  • Fabric flaws.
  • Total defect.

Sewing Quality:
Measure the cut prices before; input. If the measurement ok only then proceed on to output. Check the placement of size, care label, and SPI.

In the process audit check the needle and sewing thread. keep the sewing parts properly and avoid any size mistakes. Ensure total sewing quality before sending it finishing section.

In-line process quality inspection:
The line inspector is stationed at the line. Their job is to ensure quality output in their line. Their specific functions are as follows-

  • Checking process by process.
  • Finding major & minor defects
  • Checking proper stitching.
  • Checking shade, puckering, gathering
  • Broken, uneven, down stitch & drop stitch.
  • Finding oil & dirt mark.
  • Identify the correct measurement in each part.
  • Detection sewing allowance.
  • Identify the correctness in folding.
  • Reporting, and calculating percentages in defects.
  • Helps operator

Finishing Quality:
The measurment quality check receiving from sewing section msnt. Check the measurement, care label placement H/tag placement, size sticker shipping mark sticker & overall the merchandising packing.


The functions of the Quality Department are Putting preventative and remedial measures into practice to solve quality issues: The Quality Department suggests and carries out remedial steps to address current quality issues based on data analysis. They might also suggest preventive measures to avert the emergence of fresh problems. Working together with other divisions to enhance quality procedures: Sustaining quality requires teamwork.

More key functions of The Quality Department collaborate with design, production, and sourcing departments to optimize quality control procedures and enhance the general caliber of the product. By performing these duties, the Quality Department guarantees consumer happiness by producing high-quality clothing and protects the reputation of the clothing manufacturer.

Functions of Quality Department in Apparel Industry

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