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Difference Between Lock Stitch Machine & Chain Stitch machine

Difference Between Lock Stitch Machine & Chain Stitch Machine

Lock Stitch Machine & Chain Stitch machines are two common types of sewing machines in the Garments industry. Let’s find out the Differences Between Lock Stitch Machine & Chain Stitch Machine.

Difference Between Lock Stitch Machine & Chain Stitch machine

Lock Stitch Machine

Lock stitch machine is a popular machine in the apparel Industry. Every manufacturing industry has a lock stitch machine to make garments. Generally, a lock stitch machine is a mechanical stitch made by a sewing machine. The machine always saves time-consuming & faster work. The lock stitch machine generally uses two threads an upper & lower. The stitch locks the upper & lower threads when the upper thread passes by the lower thread. And they lock together each other in the whole of the fabric. Lock stitch machines make high-quality garments.

Normally, there are two types of lock stitch machines.

  • Single Needle Lock Stitch Machine
  • Double Needle Lock Stitch Machine

A double-needle lock stitch machine works the same as the Single needle lock stitch machine Just it uses two needles and two bobbins instead of a single needle & makes two parallel rows of lock stitch.

Benefits of lock stitch machine:

  • Lock stitch machines are multiple and can be used for a variety of operations.
  • The lock stitch uses the least of thread and produces the smoothest stitch.
  • The double needle lock stitch is the tightest and most secure stitch.
  • It is the only stitch formation that can be backstitched if the ends need to be secured.
  • It is non-raveling.
  • Lies flat on the fabric.

Chain Stitch Machine

The chain stitch machine is an important machine in the garments industry. Chain stitch machine is a textile & garments sewing machine. Now modern chain stitch machines make decorative stitches in garments & show perfect combinations. So chain stitch machine is an efficient & effective stitching embroidery logos & patterns make different clothing applications.Basically chain stitch machine make a series of thread loops to make form a chain . Normally, chain stitches are most of the machines used in the home for the decorative & garments industry.

There are different types of chain stitch machines that can be seen in industry.

  • 1- Needle chain stitch machine.
  • 2-Needle chain Stitch machine.
  • 3-Needle chain stitch machine.

Benefits of Chain stitching

There is no question about technique in sewing, chain stitching makes for very high-quality sewing quality. These types of stitches are able to string together heavy clothing.

  • It makes high quality.
  • It is effective & efficient for sewing.
  • Smoothie production.
  • Very secure & luster.

In conclusion, their uses, strength, stitch form, and thread usage are where the major distinctions are found. While chain stitch machines offer elasticity and are appropriate for flexible fabrics, lockstitch machines produce a safe and adaptable stitch.

Difference Between Lock Stitch Machine & Chain Stitch machine

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