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What Are The Principles of Fashion?

What Are The Principles of Fashion?

Consumers established fashion by accepting or rejecting them. When designer create a design he/she will must maintain principles or elements of art, principles of design, and also follow principles of fashion. Because all principles are help to design perfect garments for the customer.

Principles of Fashion:

There are eight types of principles of fashion. They are

  1. Consumers choose/dictate styles by accepting or rejecting what style is offered
  2. Fashions are not based on price
  3. Fashion Moves through Cycles
  4. Fashions are evolutionary in nature
  5. Fashion Repeats itself
  6. Fashions reflect lifestyles
  7. Sales promotion cannot change the direction of fashion
  8. All fashions end in excess
What Are The Principles of Fashion

1. Styles offered:

Some people believe, fashions are not created by designer, producers, or retailers. It is the customers or consumers, who create fashions. A customer is a person or a potential purchaser of goods and service. Thus a retail store dress buyer is a customer of a dress manufacturer and the dress manufacturer is the customer of a fabric producer. The customer is ultimate user. The person who uses the finished fashioned garments is the consumer.

Designer create hundreds of new styles each season based on what they think might attract the customers. From among these designs manufacturers choose what they will be successful. Retailers choose from the manufacturers those styles which they believe their customers will want. Consumers then make the vital choice. By accepting some styles and rejecting others they and only they dictate what styles will become fashion.

2. Fashions are not based on price:

The price tag on item is not indicating whether the item is currently in fashion. Although new styles that may eventually become fashionable ones are introduce at high prices.

For example: A Paris dress style for instance may be introduced at a price over 6000 pound for a few custom made hand sewn copies. A few weeks later stores may offer ready to wear copies of that style in a wide range of price lines. The fabric remains and workmanship will be different but the style will appear essentially the same.

3. Fashion Moves through Cycles:

Fashions are move in a cyclical way. The term cycle refers to the various stages that any fashion may go through its life span. This cyclical movement has important meaning to the fashion business. Fashion cycle movements are mainly based on three things. These are…

  • The movement of fashion
  • The acceptance of fashion
  • The price ranges

5 stages of fashion cycle:

  • Introduction
  • Rise
  • Culmination
  • Decline
  • Obsolescence

4. Fashions are evolutionary in nature:

Fashion is Evolutionary rather than Revolutionary. Fashion usually evolves from one style to another. Skirt lengths go up or down an inch at a time. Fashion designers understand and accept the principle when developing new design ideas. They keep the current fashion in mind.

5. Fashion Repeats itself:

For many years, there has been repeat of fashion but it presents in a new form because of our in-born desire for something new.

6. Fashions reflect lifestyles:

The consumer always select and buy their clothing on the basis of his/her lifestyles and social status.

7. Sales promotion cannot change the direction of fashion:

Promotional efforts on the part of producers or retailers cannot dictate what consumers will nor can force people to buy what they do not want; also promotional efforts cannot add to the life of a fashion.

That is why stores have market or clearance sales of a particular style when sales of that style start slumping stores. They must clear out s much of the old stocks as possible to make room for new styles in which consumers have indicated interest.

8. All fashions end in excess:

Once extreme in a style is reached the fashion is nearing its end. The attraction of the fashion wear to people begins to sink. The different look is a new fashion

What Are The Principles of Fashion?

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