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Difference Between Style and Fashion

Difference Between Style and Fashion

Though they are used synonymously, fashion and style have different meanings. To help you distinguish them, consider this breakdown:


Style is always constant. It does not change where as fashion changes. It is modification of fashion. Style is the basic outline of any garment. When we add s different neckline and different sleeves with some trimming here over a basic garment then the basic garment is modified look or a different outfit, this modification garment become fashion, when it is accepted by people.

Fig: Style


Fashion is a general term for a popular style or practice, especially in clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, body piercing, or furniture. Fashion will be influenced by many social attitudes and will reflect popular opinion and preference. It will vary depending on what is current in popular culture.

Difference Between Style and Fashion
Fig: Fashion

Difference Between Style and Fashion

There are some differences between style and fashion. They are below:

1. Which designs or styles are accepted by society or a group of people is called fashion.1. Which designs are accepted by particularly or a specific group of people is called style.
2. Fashion is changeable.2. Style is unchangeable or constant.
3. Fashion fluently influence on people.3. Style influence on people slowly.
4. Fashion accepted as a sensation and to be extension. So it quality raise as well as fall quickly.4. Styles rise slowly and never fall.
5. There is no need to wisdom to accept fashion.5. Style is persuaded by creative people.
6. There is no originality of fashion.6. Style is absolute.
7. There is limitation in fashion.7. Style follow some limitation.
8. Sometimes fashions create a harmful influence on people.8. Style never creates a harmful influence on people.
9. Fashion has powerful/strong attraction.9. The attraction of style is stable.
10. Origin of the fashion may be style, magazine, a specific country, media etc.10. Origin of style may be philosophy, creativity, thinking etc.
11. There is no relationship between fashion and personality.11. Personality related pervasively with style.
12. Fashion is countless.12. Style is limited.

When you see it this way, style is the way you choose what to put on your plate and how to arrange it, and fashion is a huge buffet of possibilities that have presences in common with all.

Difference Between Style and Fashion

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