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What are the Differences Between Trims and Accessories?

What are the Differences Between Trims and Accessories?

In the garments industry, normally we use trims & accessories on cloth. But, most of the time we cannot identify trims & accessories. On the other hand, sometimes we are little bit of confuse about trims & accessories. In the garment, industry trims & accessories are the popular word in this sector. After reading this article hopefully, everybody can easily understand the difference between trims & accessories. Trims and accessories are both important elements in garment construction, but they serve different purposes:

  • Trims = To Trim – They are elements that trim, finish, and make the garment whole.
  • Accessories = To Accessorize – They add on to the basic garment for decoration and personal touch.
What are the Differences Between Trims and Accessories?


Trims directly involve the making of a garment. So, trims which materials are directly attached to the fabric to make a garment are called trims. Moreover, we can say that the materials used in the sewing room other than fabric are called trims. Trims are primarily functional. They are the finishing touches that make a garment complete and wearable. Trims are typically sewn or attached directly to the fabric of the garment.expand_more Examples: Buttons, zippers, threads, elastics, linings, labels, ribbons (used for closures or shaping. Some of the trim items are named the following:

  • Sewing Thread.
  • Zipper.
  • Button.
  • Label.
  • Lining fabric.
  • Interlining.
  • Logo print.
  • Elastic


Accessories are the function of a garment. Moreover, the materials which are used to make a garment attractive for selling & packing other than fabric & trims are called accessories. By the way, it is the very important items to make a garment. It also helps decorate a garment. Accessories are mainly decorative. They enhance the look of the garment and can reflect personal style. Some of the accessory items are named in the following:

  • Belt
  • Poly bag.
  • Hang Tag.
  • Price tag.
  • Barcode Sticker.
  • Hanger.
  • Tissue paper.
  • Plastic clip.
1. Except fabrics, the other materials which are used for making a garments are called trimmings.1. Except fabrics, the other materials which are used for making and dispatching the garments are called accessorieses.
2. It may be attached or not when worn.2. It always be attached with garments when worn.
3. All trimmings are not accessories.3. All accessories are trimmings.
4. Sewing thread, button , zipper, lining etc are the example of trimmings.4. Sewing thread, zipper, poly bag, cartoon, silica gel bag etc are the example of accessories.

That’s all the differences between two things that are part of garments.

What are the Differences Between Trims and Accessories?

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